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About Sam Irl

Sam Irl was born in 1984 in Hengersberg, a small community at the edge of the Bavarian Forest in Lower Bavaria. He started piano at the age of 5 1/2 and since then, playing and making music has been a constant part of his life. After a brief stint at church organ, Sam discovered jazz when he was 14 years old and on the advice of his organ instructor, he switched to piano in the school bigband. He participated in various jazz courses and workshops and became a member of the "Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchester" when he was 16. It was at this time that Sam branched out towards digital music production.

For the past 8 years he has been improving his production skills step-by-step, and released his first tune "Sundown" on the "Various Artists -Ra'mien"-compilation with Soundlab Entertainment, Vienna 2005. After getting to know the Pulver Records crew, he released "Keep Talkin'" on the "Pulverising! Cocoa EP" (Pulver033, 2006), his debut "African Dance EP" (Pulver040, 2007) and did a remix for Inverse Cinematics' "The Rise & Fall" on the "Passin' Through EP 1" (Pulver042, 2008).

His main influence and inspiration comes from playing jazz piano, combined with listening to a wide variety of different music genres and types, everything with soul in it, from reggae / dub to hiphop to jazz, broken beat to dubstep. He has also been DJ-ing for about 6 years now, starting with reggae/dancehall 7-inches and then focusing more on hiphop and especially nujazz / broken beat / deep house records.After studying musicology at the University of Vienna, he was accepted to study "Tonmeister" (Recording & Sound Engineer / Music) at the University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Besides studying hard and dj-ing, he's always busy making beats, diggin' for records and collecting vintage synthesizers.


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